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Steering Animal Production Systems towards a Sustainable Future



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While the livestock farming sector certainly generates benefits that exceed the production of food (the provision of fibres, employment and landscape conservation…) costs also need to be addressed. Furthermore, this sector needs to respond to changing societal demands and increasing concerns about the viability of agriculture.

To address these needs AnimalFuture will use a multi-actor approach by:

  1. Assessing the multi-dimensional consequences of innovations on benefits (cash flow, income, jobs, product quality and safety, ecosystem services etc.) and costs (use of scarce natural resources, health and welfare) of animal production systems.
  2. Improving the capacity of –> actors in the European livestock sector to facilitate sound changes based on a thorough understanding of mechanisms underlying trade-offs between benefits and costs.
  3. Providing guidance co-designed by scientists and animal production actors through which the latter can reinforce their innovation capacity.

AnimalFuture strives to identify measures that create win-win situations. For this purpose, a decision support tool will be created. This tool will estimate effects of innovations on sustainability aspects and thereby enable farmers and other decision makers to select practices that are efficient with regard to economy and ecology.

AnimalFuture makes sure that sustainability issues and possible solutions identified in the course of the project are relevant and feasible in daily practice by constant knowledge exchange with actors of the livestock value chain. Intensive outreach activities will ensure that project outcomes reach their target audience and take effect.

Project coordinator

Dr Muriel Tichit - Director of Research in Agroecology.
Institut national de la recherche agronomique (Inra)

Partners involved

Eight R&D partners from seven European countries:


EraNet Susan


June 2017 – June 2020