Expected impacts

AnimalFuture will have the following major impacts:

  1. Empower innovation potential in the livestock sector by providing livestock actors with benefit-cost portfolios enabling them to adopt innovative solutions enhancing the resilience of their business.

  2. Help farmers optimize their production and at the same time adhere to social and environmental requirements.

  3. Enable regions to better understand the impacts of farm practices on the environment.

  4. Identify innovative solutions able to improve the efficiency of feed utilization, recycling of biomass and use of by-products, while minimizing displacement effects.

  5. Facilitate better and more informed decision making. The AnimalFuture decision support tool will allow stakeholders to estimate the costs and benefits of innovative practices on social, ecological and economic sustainability aspects (from regional to EU level).

  6. Improve the societal image of livestock farming and the self-image of farmers by showcasing the benefits that livestock farming delivers to society at large.