November 2018

Presenting the impacts of livestock and its positive contributions at the Animal Task Force meeting on 7th November

Monika Zehetmeier at the Animal Task Force Seminar

In the past economists and environmental scientists have often had a narrow focus as regards cost reduction or input management in their research. Both have missed addressing the side-effects (either positive or negative ones) and their intercorrelations. Monika Zehetmeier from the LfL team, supported by Muriel Tichit, presented at the Animal Task Force Seminar in Brussels the multi-dimensional and multi-level framework, the core concept of AnimalFuture. Monika introduced the framework and provided specific examples of different dairy cow production systems and the trade-offs that occur at regional level e.g. between the output of Animal Source Protein and nitrogen self-sufficiency. To overcome this narrow focus and to provide insight as to where innovations can be the most effective, we need a tool capable of assessing the consequences of innovations, by using the 3 pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social and covering multiple scales (i.e. from individual farm to EU level).

The presentation is available here

October 2018

Publication - A novel management-based system of payments for ecosystem services for targeted agri-environmental policy

A publication from the CITA AnimalFuture team has just been published in Ecosystem services.

Find the full article here

August 2018

AnimalFuture partner awarded best talk at EEAP 2018!

To understand the drivers of the cost and benefit portfolio of livestock production at a regional level is of fundamental importance to livestock scientists.  Joao Pedro Domingues part of the INRA AnimalFuture team delivered a talk on the 69th EAAP 2018, held at Dubrovnik late August, and provided an overview on how past trajectories of change have shaped the current cost and benefit portfolio of intensive and extensive livestock areas in France. This knowledge might steer the decision-making process to achieve changes towards desirable portfolio configuration/composition.

His presentation which was awarded ‘best talk EEAP 2018’ is available here

Benefits and costs of livestock systems in ten European case studies

At the beginning of 2018, AnimalFuture workshops were held in ten European case study regions. The participants – various actors of the livestock value chain – discussed issues and opportunities for the regional livestock sector and identified costs, as well as benefits connected to livestock farming. The workshop results were presented by Delphine Neumeister at the EAAP in August 2018.

The presentation is available here.

To what extent do livestock models, applicable to Europe, address sustainability issues?

Scientists looking for models to assess the effects of innovations and policies on the sustainability performance of European farms have a wide choice. In this poster - presented at this year’s EAAP (European Association for Animal Production) conference in Dubrovnik - Aart van der Linden provides an overview of models suited to investigating synergies and trade-offs among various aspects of sustainability. AnimalFuture will further enhance and apply some of these models in the next steps of the project.

May 2018

The AnimalFuture partners at our Annual meeting in Wageningen

The AnimalFuture partners at our Annual meeting in Wageningen

From May 17th to May 18th the AnimalFuture partners met in Wageningen to discuss first project results and to work out an action plan for the next months. Sustainability issues and innovations as identified by actors of the livestock value chain were presented for all case study regions. Additionally, livestock models that can be used to evaluate innovations for each case study were examined. On this basis all following project steps will be developed.