Case study portfolios

Provide a clustering of case studies that is characterised by portfolios of benefits and costs, sustainability issues and a first identification of innovations among the 10 case studies.

Innovative practices and systems

A report on innovative practices and systems to reduce trade-offs and enhance synergies at the farm level among the 10 case studies.

List of indicators

A list of indicators to assess benefits and costs of livestock farming is created. Sustainability indicators are selected according to their relevance at the farm-, regional-, national- and EU-level.

Dashboard specifications

One of the major outcomes of AnimalFuture is the Decision Support System that will be made available for end user in the form of an interactive dashboard. Deliverable 2.2 is a report describing the specifications of a web-based dashboard for the evaluation of innovative practices along with aggregation rules and characteristics of the web interface.

Web-based DSS

Report on the Web-based decision support system and its first implementation through the comparison of benefit-cost portfolios.

Report on multi & cross level analysis

Report focussing on side-effects of different innovative practices on various sustainability issues such as economic, ecologic or social ones, as well as on different levels - from farm- to region- to EU-level.

Description of farm model library

A report of a thorough evaluation of the library of enriched farm models enabling an assessment of benefits and costs of various livestock systems in Europe.

Baseline assessment of livestock farming systems

A report describing the benefits and costs of livestock farming systems from case studies in Europe and a trade-off analysis among these benefits and costs.

Optimised portfolio at farm level

A report describing sets of innovative practices that optimise the benefit-cost portfolio at farm level.

Current state of the land system

Report on the current state of the land system including livestock systems at the NUTS 2 level and efficiency metrics of the livestock systems.

Typologies in the EU livestock systems

A report on the quantitative-qualitative assessment of European livestock systems with regard to geographic occurrence, input-output ratios and sustainability problems.

Large-scale effects of innovations

Report on the large-scale effects of sustainability innovations in the livestock sector in Europe. This is achieved through an assessment of impacts and benefits in the land system when livestock systems are changed so that healthier products/diets are provided with less ecological impacts.

Sustainable pathways

Sustainable pathways to mitigate trade-offs. Using the BIOBAM model do identify pathways of mitigation of trade-offs, using hind-sight scenario building.

Report on “listening tour” insights

Report including a scientific analysis of the answers to the “listening tour” questionnaire and insights gained. Summary of local knowledge and sustainability issues for diverse livestock farming systems.

Summer school report

Report of the results of the summer school.